You have a proprietary blend of herbs you want to put out into the market for the general public as alternative medicine. You want to offer the blend in a capsule form that is easy to take and will digest well in the body. You can fill these capsules yourself, but buying the supplies and filling each one with the correct amount of herbs so you remain true to your product is not just time-consuming, but costly as well.

You also run into the problem of not being able to keep up with the demands of your customers if your product becomes a success. Manufacturing this type of product is often the best way to produce your herbal supplements in a safe and productive manner. A manufacturing company can do many things for you, from creating and putting labels on your supplement containers to actually creating and filling capsules for you with precision-measured amounts of your herbal proprietary blend. Here are things to look for when choosing herbal supplement capsule manufacturing services for your herbal supplement company.


You want a certain number of products to be completely filled and ready to ship in a certain amount of time. You know what your market is, so you should find a manufacturer that has a reputation for being reliable, communicative, and timely in their response to filling their clients' needs. If your order amounts were to change, you want a manufacturer that can quickly pick up speed to meet your demands.


Typically, the more you require of your manufacturer, such as product output in a certain number of days, the more you save overall on production. Still, you want to get a price for services based on slower production rates versus larger outputs. There should be a noticeable savings between the two, and you should be able to vary between your price options as your own herbal supplement company's supply and demand changes.


Choose a manufacturer who can not only measure and fill capsules for you, but label and package your products as well. The more you can have technology and machinery work for you to get your product ready for shipping and market, the more precision work goes into your product and the less your cost of production is. This saves your company money, and these savings can also be forwarded to your customers by giving you a pleasant profit margin while saving your client's money.