Plastic was the new, amazing product of the 1940s. It became the go-to product for the DOD and the U.S. military. After they used it to create everything from bomber plane components to weapons and tactical gear. Here is how acrylic fabrication processes make all of your favorite products.

Molded Acrylic (a.k.a., Plastic)

Molded plastic and molded acrylic are practically the same thing. Acrylic products tend to be slightly thicker and have a couple of molecules separating it from other plastics. Still, molded is the process used to make plastic cups. The acrylic/plastic is hot and pliable when it is fitted over the mold, and then rapidly cooled to create the molded shape. It is preferred for cups and all manner of receptacles because it creates a seamless shape that holds foods and liquids with ease.

Injected Acrylic

Fashion dolls' limbs and torsos are produced via the injected process. In fact, ("Barbie" dolls did not become a reality for little girls everywhere until plastic was invented.) An injecter produces dozens of pieces at a time, all about the same size and shape. Then the pieces go through a finishing stage to make sure they all pass quality inspections. The pieces are either assembled in-house or they are sent to another factory to be assembled. Other toys, such as toy cars, trucks and action figures, are made in similar ways.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded items like sheets of plastic for plastic wrap and plastic bags are made by forcing liquid acrylic/plastic through the extruder. The result is a perfectly flattened and shaped sheet of plastic material. Other processes, such as dying or heating to change the molecular structure by just a tad will occur before the material is extruded. That way it is ready to be cut, shaped, rolled and/or wrapped to fit.

Order up Everything in Plastic

There is almost no product left that cannot be made of plastic, except for vehicle engines and other things that burn quite hot. Your entire house could be plastic/acrylic if you wanted it to be, since paint already contains acrylic polymers and siding is already a type of acrylic (i.e., vinyl). Even heat-safe microwaveable cookware and food storage is now plastic. Tub and shower stalls are plastic. Sinks are plastic (sometimes). Furniture is plastic whenever you want it to be, and plastic is a part of almost every aspect of your life, so why not order up everything else in plastic?