Are you an aspiring or amateur welder? If so, you may have been taught some techniques that you do not understand. You might also have used certain materials and not fully understood the purpose of using them. Soapstone is a material that is used in welding. Perhaps you have seen it used or actively participated in a welding activity when it was used. It is a soft stone that is comprised of several minerals, mainly talc. Despite it being a soft stone, soapstone has unique qualities that make it ideal to use in welding. For example, it is nonporous. which can be beneficial when acidic or alkali materials are used in welding projects. 

Soapstone can withstand extremely hot temperatures.  

Heat resistant materials are ideal in welding due to the use of tools such as torches that can reach extreme temperatures. Soapstone has an added quality of being a material that has low electrical conductivity, which is also important when using hot tools. 

Soapstone markers are used to make precise markings. 

Some welding projects require precise cuts. This is why markers containing soapstone are used. You can think of using these markers like drawing a line on a piece of paper because you need to cut the paper in a straight line. Freehand cutting could result in jagged and less precise cuts. Soapstone is ideal for "marking" metal because the markings will not be affected by the high heat. This means that welders can be more productive when soapstone markers are used because they will not have to start and stop to mark areas again. Some other marking materials might be negatively impacted by heat and require frequent assessing. 

The markings made by soapstone are easy to remove.

Residual soapstone can easily be cleaned away when welding tasks are complete. This is because the qualities of the stone are not altered by the heat. For example, the stone does not adhere in a sticky or burnt manner to the metal, and it does not become hardened. Some markings used in certain welding processes must remain free of debris. For example, welding metal that will be painted requires smooth, debris-free markings. Otherwise, the painted area will not have a uniform appearance. Using marking materials that are hard to remove can negatively impact your productivity.  

A supplier like Soapstone Plus is a good resource to use to learn more ways you can benefit from using soapstone in your future projects. They can also help you to select other materials that can ensure all of your projects look professional upon completion.