If you are looking for a way to keep your commercial building and shop cooler when the temperatures rise, but you don't want to spend the money for a large central air conditioning unit, a geothermal heating option is a more efficient choice. There are also some other things that you can change in the building to make cooling it more efficient and to help improve the building at the same time. Look into these things.

Geothermal Heating Options

The geothermal heating pump works differently than a central air conditioner. Instead of creating cold air and pushing it into the building, it extracts hot air from the ground to cool. Here are some advantages of a geothermal heating option:

  • Cools more cost- and energy-efficiently than a central air conditioner
  • Could be eligible for tax rebate after installation
  • Removes humidity from the space to prevent mugginess and moisture problems
  • Helps to heat the building also

Talk with a heating and cooling expert to see if they can examine your building and current heating and cooling system, to see if you can get geothermal heating systems installed.

Attic Fan for Cooling

An attic fan will take out all the air that is trapped throughout the attic and above the building, to help reduce the temperature in the building. This makes it much easier to keep the space cool in the summer months and to help keep the attic dry at the same time.

Cool Roofing System

The type of roof you have on the commercial property will greatly affect how warm the building is. Choosing a cool roofing material, like any of the following, can help keep the space cool and reduce energy costs:

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Clay Tile

These are just a few of the options. How much you want to spend and invest in the building will be up to you.

You may want to have an energy audit completed around the building to see why your building is getting so hot in the summer and to see how you can save money in the winter. This way, when your heat pump pulls out hot air and moisture, you don't have to worry about the heat coming right back into the space. The attic fan and a cool roofing system will help the geothermal heat pump work more efficiently for your business and help to make the space more comfortable.