Delivering your holiday inventory to merchants is just part of meeting your fourth quarter sales goals. Making it easy for stores to display and market your items to customers can help to boost your holiday sales, while creating a stunning presentation for consumers. Here are three ways to market your products so stores can display them quickly while still staying true to your branding concept.

Pre-Stocked Display Boxes

Delivering your items in cardboard display boxes makes setup quick and easy for merchants. For countertop displays, retailers only need to remove the top portion of the box to give customers access to your product. This type of packaging can be used for everything from candy to Christmas ornaments. Choose holiday colors for these boxes, and make sure that your company logo and name are featured prominently on each display. For larger items, such as board games or winter boots, opt for a display box that can sit on the floor. These boxes do require some assembly, so don't forget to have the box manufacturer include an instruction sheet with the displays.

Create Branded End Cap Displays And Signage

If you want your items to be featured on an end cap, consider creating a signing package that can be added to the end cap. A cardboard cutout in the shape of Santa's workshop that fits at the top of the end cap would be ideal for a toy or stocking-stuffer display, while cutouts shaped like presents are perfect for calling out any holiday items you have for sale. This type of signage should be easy to install, so consider cardboard signage with adhesive backing for fast setup. Deliver the merchandise in small wrapped bundles, so the merchandising team can unwrap each bundle and shelve it quickly. Work with each retailer to create custom sale signage that coordinates with their branding and sign holders to create a cohesive signage look for the end cap.

Package Your Items In Gift Boxes

Retailers spend a lot of money on gift boxes that they give away with purchases. You can help the stores save money by packaging your items in gift boxes instead of your regular packaging. Choose display gift boxes with windows that let the customer see the product. These boxes can also be neatly displayed on shelves for fast restocking as the product runs out. Make sure that each gift box features your company name and logo so that the items are identifiable as part of your brand. Here are some items that look great when packaged in convenient, holiday-colored display gift boxes:

  • Dress shirts
  • Cold weather accessories
  • Costume jewelry
  • Dress socks
  • Fragrance gift sets
  • Pajamas

The fourth quarter is an important time for product manufacturers and for retailers. Use these marketing ideas, and work with a company like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC, to help retailers sell your items for a successful partnership. Creating branding opportunities while making your items easier to display lets retailers create stunning displays for your products with little effort.